The Face Of Medicinal Cannabis

Cannabis Capital Group
Sherra Armstong


Since the legalization of medical marijuana in Arkansas, cannabis has become a booming business. An Arkansas company committed to furthering its impact is Cannabis Capital Group (CCG). This group assists entrepreneurs in starting new medical cannabis companies, complete with consulting, investing and advisory services. CCG is committed to helping businesses grow responsibly, helping cannabis investors find opportunities and helping healthcare professionals understand the therapeutic power of medical cannabis.


CCG stands out from other consultancies in the area through its strategy to motivate clients by becoming investors in their businesses and by working with them on the nitty-gritty aspects of licensing applications and compliance. CCG is also developing a crowd-funding platform to help medical cannabis entrepreneurs raise money directly from accredited investors. 


CCG was founded in 2018 by Sherra and Eddie Armstrong, a husband and wife team dedicated to promoting responsible cannabis usage, whether as medicine or recreation. They brought in experienced gastroenterologist Dr. Alonzo Williams, who is also Sherra’s father, as the chief medical officer. 


“What attracted us to start Capital Cannabis Group was the desire to make sure that medical cannabis is received in the marketplace by patients and enthusiasts in a responsible manner,” Sherra says. “It is so irresponsible to facilitate a patient receiving any medication without instructions, but that’s where we are with medical cannabis now. It’s so necessary for medical professionals to learn about medical cannabis, and yet 85 percent of medical residents say they have received no education in medical cannabis. We want to be a part of the change. Medical cannabis is not going anywhere — it’s here to stay.  But it needs to be handled properly.”


Cannabis Capital Group