Fornetti bakery has earned its well-deserved reputation through 8,000 European stores, and a convenient and thorough delivery of a product that prides itself on being consistently fresh, high-quality, and readily accessible for true enjoyment. An introduction and sneak peek of the bakery opening in Little Rock took place at Diamond Bear Brewing Company in Little Rock, Arkansas, on October 24th.

In launching its operations in the U.S. in 2016, Fornetti has chosen Arkansas and Oklahoma to be the lucky hubs of the oh so delicious treats,  and all with the convenience of stopping for gas at your nearest Road Runner gas station! If you have been to Road Runner’s across locations in Arkansas, you most likely recognize them for their cleanliness, quality fuel at a value price, and organized display of its products.

Coulson Oil is the successful oil distribution company that has bought Road Runners throughout Arkansas since 2012. The three innovative companies of Road Runner, Coulson Oil, and Fornetti, have teamed together in a partnership that creates and delivers a perpetual out-pour of reliable, accessible, and high-quality products on all angles. Fornetti centers its baking concept through assessments of ingredients and production that are upheld to strict standards, to ensure a safe and quality product.



Beginning this month, Fornetti’s mouth-watering spread of artisan breads, donuts and pastries will be freshly baked (every 20 minutes) on-site, and sold at Road Runner stores in Fort Smith, Conway, Heber Springs, Hot Springs and Little Rock. Samantha Knoll, director of merchandising for Road Runner is confident that “The Fornetti concept will change the way Road Runner consumers shop for bread and pastry products throughout the day.” “Whether it’s for breakfast with coffee or just grabbing a lunchtime roll, we’ll always have something freshly baked for our customers to enjoy.”

The sampling of the baked goods was enjoyable, to say the least. Usually, the donut shop and gas fill are two different stops. Not only can it be one now, Fornetti is better than your sugar laden Shipley’s glazed donut, that makes you feel slightly guilty and well, not particularly good after eating. Fornetti prides itself in the delivery of products and raw ingredients that are non-GMO, and void of preservatives and high-fructose corn syrup. The ones that are supposed to be sweet are sweet, but go down smooth and easy, sans stomach ache.

Nick Peters, Fornetti’s CEO in the U.S., says that “One of the most amazing things is watching people’s reactions upon trying Fornetti for the first time.” When you do try a Fornetti baked good for the first time, you can’t go wrong with any selection. However, my personal favorite is The Chocolate Hazelnut Pastry. Simply put, it was delightful. I’ll take a baker’s dozen, please!