Reminiscing on the winter wonderland of last week, people and penguins alike enjoyed the snowy playtime – just ask penguins Maverick, Reese and Dora at Johnny Morris’ Wonder of Wildlife Aquarium in Springfield, Missouri. 


Venturing out of their habitats in the aquarium, Maverick, Reese and Dora took a field trip outside to the aquarium’s play yard to bask in the six-inch snowfall. Even though the average temperature was a low 11 degrees Fahrenheit, the three penguins felt right at home. Native to Antarctica, the Gentoo penguins are instinctively drawn to colder climates. The three penguins spent time in the fresh, brisk air flapping their wings and munching on some snow away from their aquarium neighbors.


Johnny’s Morris’ Wonders of Wildlife National Museum and Aquarium is home to 35,000 fish, mammals, reptiles, amphibians and birds. Along with the aquarium are immersive Wildlife Galleries that spotlight a collection of record-setting game animals. Johnny Morris, conservationist and founder/CEO of Bass Pro Shops, showcases and celebrates the natural wonders of the world in this 350,000 square foot family experience. 


Watch the penguins play below!