We have told you that our publisher, Heather Baker, has been chosen as this year’s Woman of the Year for Women’s Own Worth (W.O.W.) , a charity devoted solely to helping women and their families escape the brutality of abuse. 

The event is Wowapalooza, and it will be held in October, but the organization needs donations for the silent auction now. Are you a business that supports women charities? Have you or someone you know been affected by any type of abuse? Please open your hearts and wallets to help out with this cause; there will be many families who will benefit from your generosity. 

Women’s Own Worth

“The money raised from the event and especially the silent auction will help build transitional homes for the families who have fled abuse,” says Baker. She always picks a lofty goal, but she wants to raise $100,000 that night to get this project started. Jajuan Archer, the executive director of W.O.W. and her W.O.W. tribe of volunteers have been driving all over central Arkansas picking up donations to the silent auction. Reach out to them by calling 501-303-9978 or emailing womensownworth@gmail.com, and someone  will come to your office for the donation. Go to the organization’s website to learn more.

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