The Face Of InHome Care

Elder Independence Home Care
Kim Vail, owner


As a new generation approaches retirement, many prepare for the obvious hurdles of seniority, foremost being their increasing reliance on medical care and maintaining their retirement funds. However, as people get older, many find they need extra help in their day-to-day areas, but aren’t ready to move into an assisted-living facility. For those independent seniors, Elder Independence Home Care is dedicated to providing a variety of services to seniors, supporting their ability to live at home independently. Growing old is inevitable. Growing old without dignity is not.


Elder Independence Home Care offers at-home non-medical care, assisting with activities like medication reminders, bathing, grooming assistance, transportation, light housekeeping and meal preparation, not to mention the companionship and warm conversation provided by their caregivers. This hits close to home for Kim Vail, owner of Elder Independence Home Care. “I have always identified with elderly people. My grandmother lived at home with us, being cared for by my parents,” Vail says. “Caring for people has always come naturally for me.”


Vail’s compassion extends to those under 65, as well. To honor the passing of a close friend to an inoperable brain tumor, she co-founded the award-winning Arkansas Hospice Angels program, which acts as a local Make-A-Wish program. “It provides an opportunity for hospice patients and their caregivers to experience a wish or dream they have,” says Vail. “We organized a spa retreat for a mother and daughter who both had terminal cancer. It’s about getting away from their struggles and stresses, at least for a day.” 


Elder Independence Home Care