The Edgemont House in historic Park Hill in North Little Rock was front and center on Thursday night as homeowner/landscape designer Chris H. Olsen opened the property to guests.

It was where he featured his new book on the home entitled Once & Again: The Edgemont House. Trust us, both the book and the home are fabulous.  

Here are a few photos of the interior of the stucco home, which was built in 1927, that sits atop a huge lot.

Olsen bought the home in 2016 as the property’s ninth owner and had to apply more than a little TLC.  The home had no gutters, no working HVAC, several sunk-in ceilings, and a whole lot of work was needed in the yard.  If you know anything about Olsen’s gardening magic, then you know the garden is now spectacular.

Check out some of these photos of the interior of the home and a glimpse at the yard.  It is Olsen’s personal home but is available for tours and rentals.

Order a copy of Olsen’s book today.

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