Dry Air, Dry Hair

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It’s winter and your hair knows it. The dry air has made your hair dry and full of static. Never fear, here are my tips, tricks and products to help prevent your hair from getting too wild during old man winter.

Static seems to be a common problem among my clients while blow drying, especially if you aren’t using the correct products.

So first of all, we’ll go over some products to help that problem. Whether your hair is frizzy and coarse or fine and straight, I recommend a leave-in cream or treatment such as Big Sexy Seal the Deal. It may be a split end repair treatment, but its formula includes mango butter and aloe vera, which create a soft sealed blowout without feeling heavy. Plus, this cream smells amazing.

Redken Pillow Proof is another blowout control product that keeps the results of your blowout just a little bit longer and allows an extra day of wear. The less you have to style your hair, the better, right? As far as products to avoid, don’t use hairsprays with a high alcohol content. These will only dry out your hair, and they won’t last very long.

For tips and tricks in this dry cold, prep your curls with a conditioning cream. This will help your ringlets stay defined for a longer period of time. Run a dryer sheet over your hair. Yes, that’s right – they’re not just for laundry. Brands like Kérastase make these for hair, like Kérastase Carré Lissant Sheets. You can also try spraying static guard on your hairbrush. Spray your hats and scarves to limit even more static.

If you’re ever caught empty-handed, try this trick: use a little bit of hand lotion in your hair. After all, it is a cream. Static in the winter is pretty much unavoidable, so the main thing is to keep that hair conditioned.

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