By Julie Craig


A husband and wife team celebrates a decade of home building in central Arkansas with the perfect mix of construction, project management and design.


2020 is the year Hines Homes hits a decade in business, and Kelly and Brandon Hines couldn’t be more thrilled. A husband and wife team of home builders in central Arkansas, they create the perfect combination of skills for home building success, pulling in each other’s strengths from all angles and for every detail of the job. 

“We are involved in all aspects of the project together from meeting our clients, designing the home, construction and through closing,” Kelly says. 


Brandon has always had a passion for construction. He obtained a bachelor of science degree in mechanical engineering and later obtained a master’s degree in business administration. His professional career began in aviation and provided an excellent foundation in 3D modeling and 2D drafting, procurement activities such as supplier management and project management including detailed scheduling and risk mitigation.


On the other side of the business, Kelly’s combination of customer experience and technical background proves her to be a valuable resource for Hines Homes. Her understanding of the needs and differences among her customers allows her to best communicate and help make a dream home a reality. She obtained a bachelor of science degree in electrical engineering and later obtained a master’s degree in business administration. Her professional career began with a utility company and has provided a strong background in design, creating efficient processes and customer management.

So one might wonder what it’s like working with a spouse so closely all day? 


“We consider it a gift. Who else gets to spend their time with the people they love and support our family at the same time?” Kelly says. “We are polar opposites on just about everything, but we always are able to meet on common ground with our faith and core values. Having said that, Brandon has his strengths, and I have mine, and we each gravitate toward our strengths.”


It’s safe to say the Hines work well together given their record of outstanding house work, using both outdoor and indoor space to make an incredible statement. And because the state of Arkansas has so much to offer in the great outdoors, the team never overlooks that aspect. 

“We like to work on designing the outdoor living spaces with our clients so they flow naturally as an extension of the home — not an afterthought,” Kelly says. “So many factors are taken into consideration, but most importantly designing the space so it can best be used by the family. We [also] want to spend time on the front end understanding how to best use the land and situate the house on the land to take advantage of the natural landscape.”


With the spring season, homebuilding can bring many extra features put to use, such as outdoor fireplaces, kitchens and even media centers great for entertaining. “Our outdoor living features are designed for all Arkansas seasons, which, as of late, has been all rain all the time,” Kelly says. “The porches and decks usually have a covered section, sometimes a screened-in portion (that are great for a rainy spring), and always, if possible, positioned to get the best views!” 


Most all of the Hines’ home builds are based around family and friends with open floor plans and large islands, which tend to be the gathering place when entertaining. 


“Everyone wants to be able to be in the same space,” Kelly says. “I am loving how the accordion, or bifold doors, are becoming more common. It’s always nice to be able to completely open your indoor living space to the outdoors when the weather is nice.”

With any new home build (and especially remodel), there is a goal, and the Hines team always looks towards that with a solid end product in mind, but also an enjoyable client relationship along the way. “The ultimate goal for our home build projects is to keep clients on budget, set clear expectations and maintain transparent and open communication,” Kelly says. 


Brandon and Kelly receive many of their (award-winning) projects because of these deep-rooted relationships, and as a result, build many projects on a referral basis. One of their latest projects was actually for the parents of an existing client — the couple even hired the company’s current office manager because she was a previous client. “She asked if we ever had an open spot, she would love to work for us. Five years later, we hired her!” Kelly says. 

While Kelly mentions there are several good builders around the area, the important thing is finding your fit. “The key is to find the relationship that is enjoyable for everyone,” she says. “Building a home is a huge investment, and we want to make sure the experience is enjoyable. We are constantly checking and adjusting for an enjoyable process.”


The team adjusts so much that they don’t really answer to a signature style, and certainly have never built the same house twice. 


“We don’t have a ‘typical’ style which is why we love this business so much,” Kelly says. “We have designed and built a Spanish style home on a cattle farm, to a Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired cottage on the lake,” she says. “I love it all, and I keep a bit of each style with me. You can see it in how eclectic our personal home is. This is where partnering with the right suppliers is key. Lumber One Home Center always finds a way to get us what we need.”

At the end of the day, the Hines agree their family business is so invigorating because it helps another family celebrate what was merely their dream in the beginning. And it all unfolds after months of hard work and planning.


“It’s a pretty amazing feeling to be able to take a families’ ideas and dreams, create a design, then construct the perfect home to fit their needs,” Kelly says. “Whether it’s new construction or remodels, our work is something we can drive by and feel proud about the part we played in getting a family into their dream home.”