With casino gaming being one of the most attractive recreational activities in the United States and over 500 Casinos to choose from, AY Magazinehas teamed up with Sam Barrington, AKA Dr. Blackjack, to help you enjoy your gaming experience when playing Blackjack, the most popular table game in history. Ask professional player and author of Ask Dr Blackjack, Sam Barrington, your puzzling questions!
If you have a question about Blackjack, ask Sam Barrington directly at sbarrington21@aol.com. Your question and the answer will be shared with our readers (anonymously, of course, if desired) in subsequent articles.
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From Dr. Blackjack:
We had a great turn out for our Blackjack Seminar at Bar Louie West. We had some really good players in the final round. With each Player being issued $1,000 in chips, the top three players finished with $8,800, $8,050 and $7,650 to win the gift certificates. Very good return on $1,000!
We will be at Bar Louie West once again on September 5, 2018 from 6 p.m. – 9 p.m.
On August 29, 2018, we will be at Midtown Billiards at 1316 Main Street in Little Rock from 6 p.m. – 9 p.m. If you are in the downtown area please join us for some fun.
So, let’s get to the questions:
From Joe in Jacksonville:
I know all the Blackjack books say to split “8”s but when I do that I still lose so what’s the point?
Sam says: “You are mostly right. Sometimes you will come out ahead but most of the time you will still lose but you will lose less in the long run. Say the Dealer has an up-card of “10”. The big advantage of splitting the “8”’s is you now have options. If you hit the pair you will win 25.3% of the time, push 5.3% of the time and lose 69.4% of the time for a net loss of 44.1%. If you stand on the “16” you will lose 41.9%. By splitting and doubling down when appropriate you will have a net loss of 13.6%. You’ve cut your losses by 30.50%. An example, I was playing $500 per hand and was dealt a pair of “8”’s and I split them and was dealt two more “8”’s to be split off so I have $2,000 on the table now. Four hands is the maximum number of hands you can make on splits. As the next cards came out I had the opportunity to double down on each hand. I started out with a single $500 bet on a “16” and it developed into four bets of $1,000 each. The Dealer busted so I picked up $4,000.00 on the one hand. Just always stick with the correct play every hand and you will come out ahead.
From Roy in North Little Rock:
Should I split “A”s and double down when I get the chance?
Sam Says: “This is actually a two part question. To start with, always split a pair of “A”s but this will work differently from any other split. When you split “A”s you will receive only one card so you will never be able to double down. Also, when you receive your second card and it is a “10” count card it is “21”, not a Blackjack. A Blackjack hand is an Ace and “10” count card on your first twocards. You have no idea how many times I have seen a Player argue with the Dealer on this hand claiming they got two Blackjack hands. If you decide to hit your pair of “A”s instead of splitting you can expect to win 37.02% of the time, lose 52.84% of the time and push the remainder of the hands for a net loss of 15.82% of the time. By splitting you will have a net winof 1.39% of the time. That’s a 17.21% turn around. Saddle Up, Cowboy.
From Jose in Pine Bluff:
I was doing great at the table until this idiot sat down and messed up the entire table. Why do they let these people play?!
Sam says: “This is right up there with killing the messenger and blaming bad weather on the Weatherman. We sometimes have to blame bad luck on somebody. There are many players out there that have their own system they play so if they don’t play the way we think they should we will brand them as idiots. But most of the time, yeah, they are just idiots. Don’t worry too much about them. This is what really happens, the idiot will save your butt as many times as they will bust it so it’s a draw so ride it out because the idiot will be broke and gone in short order. The following happened to me on a table. The Dealer is showing an up-card of “6” and there is some good heavy action on the full table. Everybody is splitting, doubling down, hitting and sticking. The Dealer goes on to do a fine bust out and as he is flipping up the cards and paying everyone, the guy that looks like a worn out Elvis in the last seat has stood on a Pair of “A”s. The woman in the first seat starts laughing and moaning saying “Can you believe the fool stood on “2”? Can you believe that?” I was the first to say “Well, by standing, he did save the entire table. You won, I won and he won so you should be thanking him.” Once again, the idiot rides to the rescue.
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