Fassler Hall Dog Friendly Bucket List



This week, KARK’s DJ Williams joined Heather Baker for a trip to Fassler Hall, located in the heart of downtown Little Rock. Just like old times, the duo is back to hanging out, chatting about food – but this time, with a special guest: Williams’ golden retriever, Shade. 


“Shade saw your pup (Baker’s teddy bear goldendoodle, Charlie Brown) on TV and he had to get out here, too,” Williams said. 


Baker started off with the jalapeño schnitzel. “It’s so good, and has the perfect amount of spiciness,” Baker remarked, adding that the pork rinds were also the perfect tasty treat. 




Williams, like Baker, also enjoyed the schnitzel, but was really excited to dig into the pretzels. 


“When it comes to bar food, you have to have good fries, and I think, when it comes to enjoying a beer, it all depends on how big the pretzels are,” Williams said, noting that the pretzels at Fassler are, in fact, delicious. 



Schnitzel, Pretzels


Fassler serves two soft pretzels with a smoked gouda cheese dip and its famous house mustard. Williams tried a little bit of both the sauces, ranking the pretzels as great and made with the perfect amount of salt.


While Williams was enjoying the mouth-watering pretzels, Shade was more than happy to try the fries, which are thick-cut, duck fat fries that just so happen to pair perfectly with a beer. 



Fassler Hall


Speaking of beer, Baker and Williams both enjoyed drinks from the wide variety of selections that Fassler Hall offers. Williams chose a beer from one of Fassler’s many on-tap options, while Baker preferred a sweeter selection. 


“I really like some grapefruit in my beer, so this is awesome and they have so many choices you can choose from here,” Baker said. 


Known for brunch, entertainment and really good German food, Baker noted that Fassler is a really fun location to hang out, and even bring your furry friend to tag along. 


“This location is so great, they’ve got baggo, beer, a great environment and its downtown, so it’s just really fun in here,” Baker said. 


Not only does Fassler Hall offer indoor seating, but they also have a beer garden area, complete with tables, umbrellas, plenty of seating, twinkle lights that shine into the night and games. 




Williams mentioned that the outdoor area also contains dog water bowls so your furry friends can stay hydrated, and Baker added that the beer garden made sure to keep your precious pups cooled down on these hot, summer days.


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