Linda Cardellini and Christina Applegate (Courtesy of Netflix)

If you find that your friends aren’t returning your text messages tomorrow, it is because it is a holy day. Season 2 of Netflix’s Dead to Me drops. 


After last season’s “can this get any nuttier?” approach to binge watching, this next season is going to answer some questions for us. Spoiler alert: If you haven’t seen season 1, I have to divulge some family secrets here to get everyone up to speed. 


First, let’s remind everyone about Jen and Judy, two wacky frenemies who are responsible for each other’s significant other’s murder. The cliffhanger from season 1 made us all ask, “now what?” after that bloodbath in the pool. We all hoped there would be another season. No, in fact, we said there MUST be another season, but where will their journeys take us? 


Christina Applegate as Jen is an Emmy-worthy role; Linda Cardellini as Judy will make you both laugh and cringe. The two of them are the 21st century Lucy and Ethel but with murders under their belts. They are as co-dependent as two people can be, and we love every minute of it. 


Check things out tomorrow and let us know your thoughts. May 8’s premiere of season 2 of Dead to Me is what this pandemic needs. 


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