French fries at David’s Burgers

Did you know that Fridays will now be Fry Days at AY? We want to feature a story each week on delicious hand cut french fries from your favorite places around the state of Arkansas. 


To kickoff our very first Fry Day, AY decided to feature a place where the fries are not only freshly, hand cut, but they are also endless — David’s Burgers!

Ryan Rooney has worked at David’s Burgers for the past seven years. Today, he is the creative director. Rooney told AY that those famous fries from David’s Burgers are “simply Idaho potatoes fried in canola oil and salted.” 


“If you notice, though, our fries are darker than most. Some people on occasion might say they are burnt, but they are actually caramelized,” Rooney says. “We have an exclusive partnership with a potato farm in Idaho and spot check each batch to make sure there is a lot of sugar in them. We use diabetes testers to check that the sugar content is high to get that caramelization.” 

According to Rooney, the potato farm in Idaho actually has a place that stores potatoes year-round specifically for David’s Burgers so that they are never frozen.


Potatoes are hand cut all day long to make sure the fries are hot and fresh when a customer orders. 

“We also have David’s Sauce which is a secret mayo-based sauce that is delicious with the fries,” says Rooney. “I make sure to cover all my fries with the sauce because it’s so good!” 


David’s Burgers currently has nine locations in central Arkansas. A new location in Hot Springs is expected to open in December.

“We get more calls for a Hot Springs location than any other, so we are definitely excited about finally getting a place here,” Rooney says. “It will be on the end cap of a shopping center with a few other businesses on the 3800 block of Central Avenue. The drive-thru access will be great and so will parking.” 


Enjoy a delicious burger and endless fries at one of their locations

“I think there are two ways of running a restaurant: you can either cut corners or you can give your best. David’s Burgers wants to give you the best food and service possible without cutting any corners,” says Rooney. “We make sure that nothing is frozen or pre-bought. We also try to get our toppings locally, but Idaho has the right growing conditions for great potatoes that make our fries special.”


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