Creativity will be in the air in Northwest Arkansas this spring as a group of exciting artists begin working on new projects.

Crystal Bridges’ new visual and performing arts space, The Momentary, is launching a new Artist-in Residence (AIR) program. Two individual artists and one pair of artists have been invited to The Momentary to showcase their work while exploring and developing new projects.

The Artist-in-Residence program brings national and international artists to Northwest Arkansas, where they are provided with a work space and the freedom to pursue artistic endeavors. During their stay, they can deliver talks, participate in programs, and collaborate with other artists.

While The Momentary is not yet open, Crystal Bridges launched the AIR program as a pilot program in 2017. Numerous artists have already participated in the program and contributed to the artistic community in Northwest Arkansas. The Momentary is not scheduled to open until 2020.

The Momentary’s AIR program is artist-focused, according to museum officials. Artists spend between six weeks and six months exploring their interests.

“This program focuses on the artists themselves,” said Lauren Haynes, curator of visuals arts at the Momentary and curator of contemporary art at Crystal Bridges. “During their stay, the artists create a work, process an idea, or develop a project while in dialogue with the organizations and people of our area. Their work expands on our vision of bringing contemporary art to our community.”

For the Spring 2019 program, the artists invited include Ebony G. Patterson, Will Rawls, and Flutronix. Read their bios below.

Ebony G. Patterson

Ebony G. Patterson (April 1-June 5, 2019) is a visual and mixed media artist who lives and works between Kingston, Jamaica and Lexington, KY. The project she is planning to pursue during her residency is called …for those who are denied., which addresses public, grassroots memorials for otherwise unacknowledged victims of violence, and the denial of innocence experienced by these victims, in particular those who are black or brown. The work explores ideas around visibility, dystopias, and notions of innocence using something all familiar to us: toys. Patterson will work with the Crystal Bridges horticultural team to make her vision come to life.

Will Rawls

Will Rawls (April 16-May 31, 2019) is a New York-based choreographer, performance artist, curator, and writer. His work focuses on relationship and transitions between dance and language in order to consider the poetics of blackness, abstraction and opacity. He is a recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship, a Robert Rauschenberg Residency and a Foundation for Contemporary Arts grant. During his residency, Rawls will work on projects involving screen-printing and the material, kinetic nature of cursors (the blinking figure on a computer screen where the next character will appear). Rawls will also continue work on ongoing performance projects during his residency.


Flutronix (May 4-10, 2019) is Nathalie Joachim and Allison Loggins-Hull, two distinguished flutists and composers known for their “unique blend of classical music, hip-hop, electronic programming and soulful vocals reminiscent of neo-R&B stars like Erykah Badu” (The Wall Street Journal). Founded in Brooklyn, NY, the urban art pop duo have spent over a decade evolving as influential creators and socially conscious change makers. During their time in Northwest Arkansas, Flutronix will use their residency to compose a new segment of music to be featured in their upcoming project, Discourse, a series of culminating musical events customized with stories from each partner city mixed with more universal narratives. The pair will also meet with community leaders for potential collaborations.

“We are so excited to host these talented, diverse, contemporary artists this spring and help them pursue their projects,” continued Haynes. “Bringing these and similar artists to Bentonville fosters a collegial environment where locals and artists can learn from each other and focus on larger projects and themes.”

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Images courtesy of Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art