One of Little Rock’s highly favored breakfast and brunch establishments, The Croissanterie, has officially announced its second location will be within the first phase of the Little Rock Technology Park, at 417 Main St., which The Paranoid Android formerly occupied. Pending equipment and other business necessities, the eatery aims to open mid-July. AY About You first broke news of the expansion in September 2023.


According to Executive Chef Jill McDonald, this location will be open Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., but guests can still enjoy breakfast and lunch on the weekends at its Cantrell Road location. 


The new space has traditionally housed coffee shops, which will allow the restaurant to expand its coffee menu. Currently, The Croissanterie is limited in its coffee capacity due to space and serves cold brew and bottomless drip coffee only. 


“[Expanding our coffee] has been something that we’ve really been wanting to do, and this will give us the perfect opportunity to do that,” McDonald said. “We will be partnering with Nexus Coffee and Creative for this, as we have a great partnership with them, and they have a big downtown presence.” 




In addition to serving coffee from Nexus, McDonald said they plan to rotate with other local coffee brands as they continue to connect with other roasters to grow this aspect of their business. 


While this location does not have a kitchen in-house, The Croissanterie will continue to offer about ⅓ of its menu, including grab-and-go items; light breakfast items such as quiche and biscuits and gravy; and lunch offerings such as the club sandwich, pre-made salads and BLTs. 


“We’ll be producing the food items in our current location and transporting them downtown daily,” McDonald said, explaining that guests can expect consistency among menu items. 




McDonald said that while The Croisanterrie is still hunting for a larger location, they were thrilled to be approached by The Venture Center about opening in the technology park. 


“A lot of people have asked for us to open a location closer to downtown, and we’re excited for this opportunity to fulfill that request,” McDonald said. “We’re excited to open and hope that everyone will come out and see us downtown.” 


Cofounders McDonald and Wendy Schay are alumnae of The Venture Center’s 2023 cohort of Women Achieve, an entrepreneurial support group. 


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