Over the past few weeks, COVID-19 has been spreading rapidly across the country and here at home in Arkansas. To combat the virus through isolation, local and federal leadership have enacted significant social distancing measures in an effort to flatten the curve of the pandemic’s outbreak and save lives. 


But these precautionary measures have resulted in substantial fallout nationwide. Every day businesses such as restaurants, salons and retail stores have been forced to completely shut down, or carry a lighter staff to make it through this difficult time. Millions of Americans and thousands of Arkansans have been laid off, unclear of when they will be able to work again. 


It is within times of trial that we often find the best of us, glimmers of altruistic light shining through the darkness; people putting others before themselves to lend a helping hand. That’s exactly what Arkansas’ own Morris Crown Creations is doing with its latest line of jewelry, aptly named Arkansas Strong


Arkansas Strong earrings.


Beginning April 1, Morris Crown Creations will be offering the Arkansas Strong collection online on its Etsy page, with free delivery so that all incoming customers may continue practicing social distancing. Each of the initial products launched in the jewelry line will be $50 each. 


The best part: In a coordinated partnership with AY About You, 25 percent of the selling price from each Arkansas Strong piece sold will be donated to a financial relief fund. Every penny from this pot will be divvied out by AY to Arkansans who have lost their jobs because of this pandemic. 


Arkansas Strong necklace.



As a family-owned and operated business, we know all too well the trials and tribulations that all business owners hurdle every day,” says David King, owner of Morris Crown Creations. “During good times, everyone is happy and things roll along with owners going about daily routines. On bad days, you pull up your bootstraps and make a few cutbacks while staying focused on the future and better times to come. No business could have been prepared for what has happened to our communities.


“We are not doctors, nor do we drive trucks to deliver needed materials and supplies, so we looked for our own special way to help. We knew that those with the resources to weather this storm in their businesses would do so, but those smaller and family-owned businesses would be in trouble. We came up with the idea of “Arkansas Strong” jewelry to not only financially give back to those in need, but show support that Arkansans will make it through these trying times together and we take care of our own. We have put our skills to work doing what we can to support where we can. Remember local businesses during these times and in the good days to come.”


Arkansas Strong leather and copper cuff.


According to King, additional prototypes beyond the ones currently listed on Etsy are already in the works. Morris Crown Creations will make additions to the product line as the campaign takes off in popularity beyond this initial launch as good a reason as ever for folks to spread the word.


If you or someone you know has recently been laid off and is struggling financially, please fill out the form below in order to qualify for relief through this project. AY and Morris Crown Creations will send out as many checks to as many mailboxes as possible. The amount per check, as well as the number of checks, is dependent upon how much is contributed to the pot. 


If you have been blessed with stability during this time, please consider making a purchase from the Arkansas Strong collection. Not only will you be adding another stylish accessory to your attire, but you will also be contributing 25 percent of your purchase to the pool, ensuring more of those in need can be helped sufficiently. 


Shop the Arkansas Strong collection here.