The prolonged Arkansas summers that stretch from Memorial Day well into the fall semester each year make access to a backyard swimming pool desirable. Jeremy and Shane Lawson, co-owners of Luxury Pool & Spa in Russellville and Conway, understand just how crucial a well-designed, strategically placed and quality constructed pool can be to Arkansas’ families and friends.


“We grew up in this business,” Jeremy said. “Our grandpa and father started building pools in 1976 in Arkansas, and our dad went out on his own in 1984 in Russellville, which is where Shane and I got our start.


“Since then, we’ve opened another location in Conway in 2005, and last year, we expanded and built a new showroom and warehouse in Conway, as well.”


There are many reasons to have a residential pool in Arkansas, foremost among them being the state’s blistering hot summers. Arkansas experiences the hottest and most humid of seasons and a shimmering swimming pool creates an accessible respite for families to cool off and enjoy the outdoors without having to join a neighborhood pool or travel to a lake, river or stream.


Entertainment is another core motivation for Arkansans to install their own pool. Whether for a cookout, girls’ night out, family reunion or neighborhood block party, a personal pool is a solid way of extending a home’s entertaining spaces into the outdoors.


“The demand for pools and spas has been pretty steady for our market,” Jeremy said. “COVID-19 really made an impact on pool installations because people were staying home and couldn’t go to public places to swim. They saw the value in having their own pool, and now that the pandemic has subsided, they are seeing the value of having a pool and spa as part of an overall outdoor living space.”


Family enjoyment and relaxation are two major drivers bringing clients through Luxury Pool & Spa’s doors. Families with children find a pool enhances quality time spent together and offers a fun and convenient way for kids to stay active and entertained during the summer months. Households of all sizes and configurations will attest that there is nothing quite like lounging by the pool on a muggy day, soaking up the sun and enjoying moments of relaxation and tranquility. Swimming also offers a low-impact form of exercise, making the backyard pool an accessible way for people to work out regularly without leaving home.


“A beautifully designed pool can enhance the overall aesthetics of your property, creating a tranquil and luxurious atmosphere in your yard,” said Andrea Lawson, Jeremy’s wife and the company’s general manager. “A pool and spa are investments in your lifestyle. They can bring years of enjoyment and satisfaction to you and your family, making your home a more enjoyable place to live.”


As part of a third-generation enterprise, Jeremy and Shane have seen all manner of pools over the decades, starting in the days when a rectangle pool with a diving board and slide were considered standard. Today, there are many more options for clients to choose from, and the owners have seen and built most of them, including indoor-outdoor, infinity and saltwater pools with every imaginable bell and whistle.


Forget the amoeba-shaped and guitar-shaped pools of the ’50s and ’60s. Today’s pools also take into consideration naturalistic designs which work beautifully with Arkansas’ varied landscape.

“We see pool owners choosing designs mimicking natural bodies of water,” Jeremy said. “Today’s pools incorporate features like rock formations, waterfalls, grottos and really lush landscaping to create a more natural and visually appealing environment. Smart pool technology allows for remote monitoring of the pool’s systems, things like temperature, lighting and chemical levels, which enhances the convenience for the owner.”


Another industry trend is a growing emphasis on sustainability in modern pools and spas. More energy-efficient pool equipment, such as variable-speed pumps and LED lighting, reduce both environmental impact and operating costs.

luxury pool

While plain rectangular pools used to be the norm, today’s pools come in various styles and with an array of extras.

“I would say that 45 years ago if you came into our showroom and talked with my father about a pool, his questions would probably center around if you wanted a diving board or if you wanted a slide or maybe even a pool light,” Jeremy said. “It was mostly rectangle pools lined with vinyl in those days. Now there are so many options. You can make your home pool almost any shape you’d like.”


Luxury Pool & Spa constructs pools all over the state and with each one they assess the makeup of a home’s landscape to create a pool or spa to fit that individual location, including designs that suit smaller yards or are built to complement existing outdoor living spaces. Spa design shows similar creativity and can range from stand-alone models to those that spill over into the swimming pool itself.


“Vanishing-edge pools, or what we know as infinity pools, are another design that creates a striking visual effect where the water appears to merge with the horizon,” Jeremy said. “We have projects where we’ve created multiple infinity pools where one pool flows into another below it. It creates a beautiful effect.”


In addition to growing customer interest in features such as hydrotherapy jets, swim lanes for exercise and integrated hot tubs to promote relaxation, fitness and overall well-being, more clients today are making pools part of a larger backyard oasis. Luxury Pool & Spa routinely works on projects involving other construction professionals building dining areas, kitchens, swim-up bars and audio-visual systems to create a showstopping outdoor entertaining area.


Andrea said even as the catalog of options continues to expand, the things that do not change set the family-owned company apart from the field.


“The real thing that sets Luxury Pool & Spa apart is our customer service,” Andrea said. “It is what we are known for all over the state of Arkansas. We’ve got customers that we have done business with for more than 45 years and a big part of that is because of how we strive to take care of them.”


Jeremy said being in business this long has also developed for him a network of industry professionals that build custom projects all over the nation who he calls and bounces ideas off.


“We always try to push the envelope,” he added. “We want to see what can be done and how.”


Being regularly pushed to do their best work has resulted in some stunning accomplishments. One of the most memorable recent jobs was an all-glass-tile pool with a perimeter overflow spa featuring an infinity edge cascading into a second pool, designed with an infinity edge on three sides.

luxury pool

Well-designed, well-maintained pools beautify properties and provide a fun and refreshing summer activity for families.

“That pool happens to be in Conway, and it is one of our favorites,” Jeremy said. “We’ve also built some pretty amazing pools in Hot Springs that are completely original designs.”


Extremely elaborate jobs can require the help of other professionals, including engineers and landscape architects, but for the construction itself, every pool is personally overseen by Shane. 

“Shane is going to be there during construction,” Jeremy said. “When you design your pool and spa and when you need service, that’s where I come in.”


The Lawson brothers are not the only familiar faces that clients may recognize, and the company’s expert staff often runs in generations.

“A lot of our employees have been with us for a long time,” Jeremy said. “When you do business with us, someone in our organization is going to be familiar with your project from the time it was designed and installed to years from now when you need service.”


Building swimming pools in Arkansas is hard work, especially in regions of the state where it does not take much digging to hit solid rock. Despite the sometimes-taxing conditions and technical challenges, or perhaps because of them, the Lawsons derive great satisfaction from their work, proudly bringing the customers’ most outlandish vision into reality.

Infinity edges and designs that include spas are among the current pool trends.

“In the pool business, there are companies that are builders, there are service companies, and there are those that are maintenance professionals,” Jeremy said. “We do all of it, providing turnkey services so our customers don’t have to go anywhere else.


“I think what people really love about us is we’ve been in business for more than 45 years in an industry where companies tend to come and go. Our customers have been loyal to us over the years, and so we feel a real sense of loyalty to them in return.”


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