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Forty thousand miles a year. That’s what Debi Davis puts on her car in mileage while shuttling to the four corners of the state. The miles she garners by air – now, that’s another story. There is no limit to where Debi Davis Interior Design will go to design a space you’ll love for years.
Davis’ style is obvious when you meet her. She is classically dressed; either in all white, cream or black. She will throw on a fabulous Gucci belt, and you’ll walk away understanding a bit about her decorating style. “Our look is livable and attractive, but we don’t have just ‘one look,’” she says. “We listen to our clients, and it’s not a cookie-cutter approach.”
Davis’ clientele ranges from a 25-year-old woman and her medical-resident husband in west Little Rock to a couple who, in their 80s, hired Davis and her team to design their empty-nester lake home in Northwest Arkansas. She and her team are ready at a moment’s notice to get on your project.
El Dorado, Lake Village, Jonesboro and Rogers all have had Davis and her team design dream homes. She has projects with our neighbors to the west and south – Texas and Louisiana. But she doesn’t stop there. Her imagination is fueled by her clients’ desires, and she can work with any budget.
Hollis Henry first got wind of Debi Davis’ expertise when her sister-in-law in El Dorado used Davis and her team earlier this year for a complete remodel of her childhood home. So, she hired Davis and team for the first home she and her husband purchased.
“Debi is fantastic to work with,” she says. “She brings a refreshing energy and vision to her projects that makes the process fun. I couldn’t believe how quickly and efficiently she and her team moved to transform our new home into something that completely exceeded our expectations. I won’t hesitate to use her for our next project.”
For shoppers in the 80s, you might remember B.P.’s Place, the boutique Davis owned off Rodney Parham Road. It, too, reflected Davis’ personal style. Clean, classic, but with a twist. It’s that twist that encouraged Davis to start her own retail line for Reborn Relics. She finds timeless pieces that she can copy, and she uses a manufacturer to make the pieces, allowing her to bring that look to present-day homes.
What are some of Debi Davis’ favorite things?
The antique Italian chest that is in her living room. “I bought it 15 years ago at a market,” she says. “It’s bleached in blondes and grays, which are very popular still today.” The piece reflects Davis’ style. She always helps her clients choose pieces that will have staying power; she doesn’t really do trendy.
2. The mirror in her foyer, which is also from Italy. “I loved it so much that I reproduced it in my own line at Reborn Relics.” You can find them at
3. Finally, the two 3’x3’ acrylic boxes with antique fragments formed into a starburst in the middle of rock crystals that were designed by Nancy Price, a “big-time designer in Jackson, Mississippi. These are other pieces that I love and started copying for our line at Reborn Relics,” she says.
“I love how, with design, you can tie old and new together,” says Davis. “And I love how you can join the inside and outside of your home together.” Just as she might join a Chanel purse with a pair of black slacks and a turtleneck, which can take you a long way, she loves doing the same with things in your home.

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