Succulents can be such a fun and unexpected addition to table decor for a Cinco de Mayo party! Because of the unexpected appearance of succulents and the uniqueness of one to the next, succulents add a fun botanical pop to buffet tables and guest tables at parties. 


One thing that can dampen a fiesta is an overuse of non-authentic decorations. There is a fine line when it comes to using a few papel picado (decorative perforated paper which originates from Mexico) buntings and going overboard with plastic sombreros and paper cut-outs. 


Follow our ideas below for a clever way to bring a more authentic and natural vibe to your Cinco de Mayo celebration! 


Use Succulents as Decoration

In recent years, succulents have increased in popularity in households across the United States. However, cacti and succulents have long been popular with life in Mexico. The Mexican desert is known for its bold and graceful cacti. It only makes sense to include some succulent beauty in your Cinco de Mayo party! 

Live succulents can always be given as gifts or party favors after the party is over! If you have trouble finding live succulents, realistic-looking faux succulents are more available these days than ever before. 

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Table Centerpieces

For the most eye-catching arrangement, it’s best to use a wide variety of succulents in a centerpiece arrangement for your table. You can use a single large succulent as the focal point. Alternatively, you can go with a layered effect by grouping small succulents together. 


Place Setting

You can choose to set a small grouping of succulents at each place setting to mark the spot for each guest around a festive Cinco de Mayo table. Imagine how cute a small decked-out succulent arrangement would be atop a set of colorful plates! 

If you prefer to add names to each table setting, you can add a cute name tag to the stack of plates. Or perhaps a plant pick with a name protruding from the pot. It is best to not attempt to attach anything to the plant itself. 


Table Terrarium

Another idea for one general table centerpiece would be to create a terrarium of sorts at the center of a long table. Using glass containers, you can layer in sand, pebbles and small succulents for a beautiful Cinco de Mayo centerpiece! 


Incorporate Authentic Textiles

To create a colorful Cinco de Mayo vibe, you need to weave the botanicals into a sea of color using authentic Mexican textiles. Table runners or table cloths layered over tables, serapes tossed over the backs of chairs and buntings of colorful fabric strips all add vibrancy to a fiesta. 

These days, it is quite easy to find authentic Mexican textiles. Flea markets, friends’ houses and online shops offer beautiful serapes and patterns. 

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Add Fruits and Vegetables

One more thing you can do to bring authenticity to your party is to use fruits and vegetables that are common for a meal in Mexico. Mangos, avocados, limes and plantain bananas help bring a genuine Mexican fiesta vibe to your gathering. 


Use the Packaging of Popular Hispanic Brands as Decor

Purchase popular Hispanic brands of canned goods and foods ahead of your party. Cook with or save the food products for later, saving the packaging. This packaging – such as metal cans or glass jars – makes for adorable plant pots for the succulents!  


Follow these ideas for a Cinco de Mayo fiesta full of color, natural beauty and authentic realia for a heightened fiesta experience for your family and friends! For more inspiration, check out this recent Arkansas retirement party using these succulent fiesta party ideas


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