A Christmas Wish For The New Year-Editor’s Letter


A month after Election Day still finds many people, regardless of if they ‘won or lost’, up in the air about what the future may hold. An eternal optimist and realist, I keep the faith that our better person will win out.

I am bolstered by, among other things, holiday commercials; not the ones that show us losing our mind running around seeking lower and lower prices, but ones by corporate giants such as Walmart, Target and Amazon, to name a few, that remind us that what makes life special are the small acts of kindness and loved ones.

The Amazon commercial that shows a priest and an imam recognizing each other’s aging knees. Unknowingly, simultaneously, they purchase kneepads for the other so they can kneel comfortably to pray. The gifts are met with laughs and appreciation. Or, Walmart’s commercial, showing families of various ethnicities (yes, that includes you) that continue to make America the place of dreams for a better life, coming around the family table to enjoy great food and each other. (Rebecca Ward has a few insights to keep your family gathering commercial ready, pg. 76); or Crate and Barrel’s dining hostess making accommodations for her guests’ dining nuances to still produce a welcoming table and home.

I hear some of your disappointment; that it’s all a ploy to sell products. Understood, remember I’m a realist. But, there’s real power in the subtle message for us to see the commonality in each other, to be patient and forgiving, and to hold close family and friends. A chat with the one and only Louis Petit of Jacques and Suzanne and Jim Keet of Taziki’s and a slew of other restaurants, exemplifies the joy of family and friendship to produce a new dining spot, Petit and Keet Bar & Grill, pg. 56.

So, my wish this holiday and for the New Year, is that we take a deep breath, especially during times when it’s hard to do so, and that we celebrate what we have in common more often than heightening our differences. (That includes people we know well, not just strangers!)

No better way to do that than with good food and drinks between us. May I suggest chateaubriand and champagne with a Victorian sponge cake for dessert? Read on, we’ve got ideas!

I hope you celebrate every day like a holiday, and that the New Year brings you good health, inspiration, and a mission to do as many small acts of kindness as you can squeeze in each day. Those are easy gifts to give that will continue to give in meaningful ways to the receiver.

Happy holidays,

Brigette Williams



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