It’s wings over Little Rock this week as AY Publisher Heather Baker and KARK host DJ Williams continue their tour of the best wings places in the city. Baker and Williams have been checking off some of the best spots in Little Rock to get wings, and this week, they’re heading for one of the go-to places on the AY Wings Bucket List.


That’s right, they are trying out Great American Wings.


Located in the Park Plaza Mall, this spot is a favorite among wings lovers. While some might be put off of the idea of eating “mall food,” Williams and Baker are quick to dissuade them.

“All you chicken wing enthusiasts out there in the world, you’ve got to come out to Park Plaza right off of University,” Williams says.


The man responsible for the delicious food stylings at Great American Wings is Rodney Cummings. As Williams says, “Rodney is the one…who is the magic behind all this.”


And Cummings knows his wings. After all, Great American Wings took the top prize at the 2018 Wingstock competition. “We won the best wings with honey mustard sauce in 2018 at the Wingstock competition,” he says.

At Great American Wings, you can get any number of wings. In fact, Baker says you can try out 25 different types of wings. Here’s a sampling of the different flavors available: spicy Cajun, honey hot, garlic hot, Buffalo, chipotle, All American, taco, lemon pepper, Parmesan, Hawaiian Teriyaki and more.


When the food comes out for Baker and Williams, they are astounded by the amount of food on the trays. “Not only did we get wings. We got okra, fried apple pies and chicken and waffles,” Williams says.


Baker quickly lays claim to the chicken and waffles. “That’s for me. Specifically, I asked for it. Rodney delivered,” Baker jokes.

As they dig into the wings, they both are immediately impressed. “This is good,” Baker says.


But that’s not the end of the experience. At Great American Wings, there’s always the possibility of a musical performance. Cummings is known to break out his keyboard and play tunes behind the counter.


“The cool thing about this place. You come here and eat at Park Plaza, not only will you have a great meal, you may get some tunes while you’re at it,” Williams says.

Rodney Cummings

That’s all for the Wings Bucket List, but there’s still more to come. Next week, check out Baker and Williams will start trying out some of the best pies in central Arkansas.


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