How Do You Choose the Right Hospital?

Medical Team Performing Surgical Operation in Modern Operating Room

When you’re looking for a hospital that can treat any illness or condition you have, there’s many options and it can be difficult to know where to start.

Do you choose a hospital based on one doctor who you like or has a particular specialty? Do you go with the most established hospital or the newest, most cutting edge hospital?

In Arkansas, when you need expert medical care, the choice to make is simple – CHI St. Vincent. CHI St. Vincent is not just a hospital; it is a health system that has provided expert medical care for Arkansans since 1888.

CHI St. Vincent offers a wide range of medical services and treatment, throughout its health care system. From treating aortic stenosis to wound care services, CHI St. Vincent provides the care that you need.

This health system has primary care centers, specialty clinics, emergency care, home health, rehabilitation centers and surgery centers. There are over 4,500 coworkers, 1,000 medical staff and 500 volunteers staffing these facilities. In addition, CHI St. Vincent has a growing Medical Group of over 300 medical professionals in a number of medical specialties across the state.

Four of the major areas of focus for the hospital include cancer care, heart care, neurosciences and orthopedics. CHI St. Vincent is nationally recognized in these categories as having the finest physicians and surgeons in the country.

Neuroscience is a particular strong point. With the Arkansas Neuroscience Institute, CHI St. Vincent is a leader in advance neurosurgery and treats patients from around the globe. When you need expertise, you go to CHI St. Vincent.

CHI St. Vincent aims to transform health care by providing care that is inspired by the Gospels and is deeply rooted in social justice. As a ministry of the Catholic Church, CHI St. Vincent is committed to providing excellent medical care while conducting itself (along with the physicians, nurses and staff) with upmost integrity, moral soundness and compassion.

When choosing a hospital, it’s really a no-brainer. Choose CHI St. Vincent.

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