Chef Shuttle + Grass Roots Co-Op Announce Monthly Herds-to-Homes Delivery of Arkansas-Raised Meats


Are you a farm-to-table lover? Chef Shuttle and the Grass Roots Co-Op just announced a new feature that combines the freshest Arkansas pasture-raised meats and the luxuries of online ordering into a monthly Herds-to-Homes delivery service that will be your favorite gift that keeps on giving.

Customers can visit to select a carefully curated 12-pound box of pork, beef and chicken or an all-chicken package for $120 per month. The meats may vary month-to-month, but the quantity — 12 pounds or approximately 64 portions — will remain the same.

“Chef Shuttle is proud to partner with Grass Roots on this new type of delivery service that will make life even easier for our customers,” said Ryan Herget, president and CEO of Chef Shuttle. “With the simple click of a button, families can place their order at Grass Roots Delivered and receive fresh, healthy, pasture-raised meats for the entire month.”

“We’re thrilled that this collaboration with Chef Shuttle makes it simple for Arkansans to eat local foods,” said Cody Hopkins, general manager of the Grass Roots Farmers’ Cooperative. “Our farmers work hard to humanely and sustainably raise their animals. And we are hopeful that Grass Roots Delivered will provide market access that allows them to support themselves and their families.”

When signing up at, customers will have the ability to choose the delivery day that works best for them. Chef Shuttle will deliver the following Monday or Tuesday between 2-6 p.m. Customers do not have to be home to receive the box — they are insulated so they can be left waiting for up to six hours. Two weeks before the next delivery, customers will receive an email reminder, which will allow them to change their delivery date and box items or cancel their order.

For a limited time only, customers can use the coupon code “FirstGROrder” for free delivery on their first order.

Learn more about Herds to Homes here:

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