Barry M. Corkern & Company provides fee-only, comprehensive wealth management services.


Using state-of-the-art software and methods, coupled with nearly 40 years of experience, Barry M. Corkern & Co. provides expertise for clients to make informed financial decisions. 


Comprehensive wealth management requires objective analysis, discussion and decision-making regarding elements of the client’s financial circumstances, such as investments, savings, insurance, banking, retirement, estate planning and many other things. Their process works best for clients who are fully engaged. However, committing to the relationship isn’t a big ask for most clients, because of the company’s reputation for pursuing excellence. 


The firm is the first in Arkansas to have a CEFEX (Centre for Fiduciary Excellence) certification, joining other elite groups of certified investment advisers.


“In the financial services world, fee-only fiduciary advisers are in the minority,” Barry Corkern, says. “We are committed to the mission of providing objective comprehensive advice that is not clouded by sales rhetoric or a sales pitch. We are committed because we know that some people prefer to pay a fee for objectivity.”


Prior to forming his own firm, Corkern recognized that selling financial products for a commission was an impediment to the client making informed financial decisions.  


Charging a fee for objective advice was a novel idea at the time, which led Corkern to become the first person in Arkansas to register solely as an investment adviser and not conjointly as a broker-dealer. To Corkern, establishing a fiduciary relationship with the client leads to peace and confidence when making financial decisions. Corkern hopes fee-only fiduciary advisers will one day become the majority and change how financial decisions are made by people and their families.  


That desire to drive change is what inspires its motto: “It’s a different relationship.” 


“We consider all aspects of our client’s financial situation because it is essential to think through how a decision in one area affects other areas. Client situations can quickly become complex; our thorough approach and advice considers not only the client’s current situation but also their future,” Corkern says.


While many of their clients can be relatively affluent, the firm works with individuals and families who desire ongoing professional guidance on strategies to reach their financial goals. The company has worked with clients in many unique experiences such as selling a newspaper, selling farmland and timberland, starting a new business, selling a business and various real estate endeavors. 


“I traveled to East Africa 12 times in 10 years to manage an ostrich farm which was converted to a vegetable farm that shipped products to England and Holland. These collective business experiences add a local and global perspective which is important to clients,” Corkern says.


What Corkern started in 1982 as a two-room office with cardboard boxes as furniture is now a company that has landed him the designation as one of the best financial planners in the United States by Money magazine and Bloomberg Wealth Manager magazine. All his impressive national accolades aside, Corkern still remains passionate about helping Arkansans. 


He was the founding president and former chair of the Arkansas Chapter of the Financial Planning Association (FPA), became the first Accredited Fiduciary Investment Analyst (AIFA) designee in Arkansas, previously hosted a local radio program on financial planning and held a partnership with a local news affiliate for wealth management television segments. 


“I am continuously committed to bringing Arkansans the best fiduciary knowledge, skills and expertise,” Corkern says.


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