By Lauren McLemore & Dustin Jayroe


For years, our publication has registered familiarly with thousands of Arkansans as AY Magazine. It’s concise, straight forward, catchy. And while we continue to live by the popular nickname, last year we made a concerted effort to make commonplace our full name: AY About You. 


We didn’t do this for us, and we won’t correct you for using the shortened title (in fact, we still use it, too). We just wanted to make sure that it was clear what we put first — our readers and the wonderful stories that they, and the other residents of our state, have to tell. 


But this backbone is not singular to us. It’s a customer-first philosophy that the best enterprises have adopted for centuries or more. And there are a number of Arkansas run businesses that do the same. 


Because of that, we created this special section to showcase some of the other companies around the state who live by this customer-focused code and operate for the betterment of the state and the people in it, no matter the vocation or specialty. 


Thank you to the following businesses for taking part in this edition of AY’s Businesses About You. And thanks also to you, for reading our magazine and utilizing these companies for the many services each provides. Anything that we do is only possible with your support. It’s about you. 


CareLink, Central Arkansas Area Agency on Aging

• Dawn Realty & Associates/L & D Investment Properties 

• Barry M. Corkern & Company, Inc. 

• KellCo Real Estate 

• Tom’s Lock & Key 

• Acme Brick Tile & Stone