Business About You: Blackmon Auctions

Thomas Blackmon Jr., President/Owner/Auctioneer


For the uninitiated, the fast-paced world of auctions can be overwhelming. For Thomas Blackmon, president, owner and auctioneer at Blackmon Auctions, the unpredictability is a thrill. Since taking over the family business in 2010, he’s expanded Blackmon Auctions’ operations with a real estate division and three permanent facilities in Arkansas, Texas and Oklahoma.


“An auction is the best and most efficient way of selling that brings out the competition and need from your buyers. You might be able to list something on an online marketplace and sell it quickly, but are you really getting the highest market value?” Blackmon says. “A well-advertised auction conducted by an established auction company will always create the highest market value for that day.”


Essential to that growth is the trust he and the rest of the Blackmon team have cultivated over eight decades in the business. That commitment to the customer – giving them the good, the bad and the ugly so they can make informed decisions – is at the heart of Blackmon Auctions’ business model.


“A lot of auctions happen due to rough times in life. As the auctioneer, I end up being a counselor, accountant, advisor and sometimes just a shoulder to cry on.” Blackmon says. “At the end of the day, your business is only as good as your reputation – it can take years to build and minutes to tear down.”


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