This month, AY is bringing you the Taco Bucket List, dedicated to all of your favorite restaurants around Arkansas. This week, AY About You President and Publisher Heather Baker and Nichole Niemann with Arkansas Style stop by The Fold Botanas Bar.


The ladies start their meal off with the delicious alcoholic beverages the restaurant is well-known for. One of the more unique drinks came with a bubble on top!




“It tastes like a SweeTart!” Niemann said.


As for the tacos, Baker has the chicken, pork and shrimp tacos on her plate; Niemann has the fajita steak, vegan and ground bison tacos.


“I love it,” Niemann said, referring to the bison taco. “It’s like a ground beef, but better. Texture is great, seasoning is great. I love it.”




“I could taste the peaches, the fruit,” Baker said, referring to the pork taco. “It’s like a barbecue sandwich. I love it.”


Next up, Baker opts for the shrimp taco.


“Look at all the sauce and the goodness on it,” Baker said. “I love all this and the sides.”




Speaking of sides, Baker shifts her focus to the street corn.


“I love street corn. I actually like eating it off the cob,” Baker said. “. . . This is actually a dip [and] it’s on a tortilla with the fresh vegetables. It’s delicious, it’s light.”


“Delicious,” Niemann agreed. “I can make a meal out of that, for sure.”




The next menu item is the ceviche.


“Gorgeous! Look at how beautiful this is,” Niemann said. “This is one of the best things I’ve tried in a really long time. So fresh, sweet, spices, it’s got a little tajín on there. It’s so pretty, too!”




Baker then moves on to the nachos while Niemann just can’t get enough of the ceviche.


“This is some good stuff,” Baker said. “It’s got fresh meat on it. Beef. And the beans, the tomatoes, the spices.”




The two established their favorites and agreed anyone can find a delicious, balanced meal at The Fold.


Full List of Menu Items Featured in the Segment:

  • Achiote Chicken Taco
  • Diablo Shrimp Taco
  • Grilled Peach Pastor Taco (pork)
  • Mrs. Green Taco
  • Fajita Steak Taco
  • The Gringo Taco (ground bison)
  • Street Corn Dip
  • Tuna & Mango Ceviche
  • Nachos

You can watch Baker and Niemann try out even more local favorites Wednesdays at 2 p.m. on KARK.



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