This month, AY is bringing you the Seafood Bucket List, showcasing the best of the best restaurants you can get yummy food from “under the sea” in Arkansas. This week, AY About You President and Publisher Heather Baker and Nichole Niemann with Arkansas Style stop by Lakewood Feast Fish & Seafood.


The restaurant’s chilled oyster plate is something to be admired.




“This is a beautiful chilled plate of gulf oysters,” Niemann explained. “They’re a little bigger than maybe a New England-style oyster, but nevertheless, tasty and delicious.”


The two start off their meal with a crab leg from the seafood boil, which comes with sausage, potatoes, corn, crab, jumbo shrimp and a variety of sauces.




“When I always go to a seafood restaurant, this is what I always order,” Baker said. “Mmm, so yummy.”


“It looks too pretty to eat, but I think we’re gonna do it anyway,” Niemann said. “Super traditional boil, too. It’s got the Old Bay type of seasoning on it. Nicely steamed, nice assortment on it.”


Next up on the menu is the crab claw.




“Cute!” Niemann said. “And they’re easy to eat. This is a great appetizer to go with my drink.”


Speaking of drinks, the ladies show off their choice in cocktails for the day. For Niemann, a lemon drop; for Baker, a spicy jalapeño margarita.




“Whoa, that is going to get you somewhere,” Niemann said after taking her first sip. “I think I’m drunk already. That is fully loaded.”




“This is delicious spicy goodness,” Baker said.


The ladies then move on to trying the mahi mahi tacos.




“Mmm, the sauce on it is amazing,” Baker said. “That is great and it’s light. You could have it for a lunch meal or a dinner meal. It’s fantastic.”


“So good, lots of flavor,” Niemann said.


Fried calamari is the next dish the ladies decide to try.




“Breading good, crunchy,” Baker said. “That would be a great appetizer here.”


“Oh, it’s very good,” Niemann said. “Very light.”


The shrimp and grits follow the fried calamari.




“This has definitely got a creamy sauce all over it. Cheese sauce, for sure,” Baker said. “This is definitely a heavier entree. I think that’s delicious. The shrimp are very fresh.”


“Really good,” Niemann said. “They’re sautéed, got a little bit of crunch on the outside.”



Lakewood Feast Fish & Seafood is the perfect place to have a nice seafood meal, with a nice location, great bar, yummy shareable and more.


You can watch Baker and Niemann try out even more local favorites on Wednesdays at 2 p.m. on KARK.



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