Brunching in Northwest: Prelude Breakfast Bar


In Brunching in Northwest, Kody Ford will explore and review Northwest Arkansas’ best brunch spots. This week, Kody brunched at Prelude Breakfast Bar at 509 W. Spring St. #210 in Fayetteville. Click here to read more brunch and lunch reviews, and share your own experiences with #BrunchinginNWA and #LunchinginNWA.

While brunch mania hasn’t overtaken Fayetteville to the degree of Little Rock, it’s here and there are some great selections. One such stop, Prelude Breakfast Bar, is tucked away off Dickson and West Street in the building adjacent to TheatreSquared. Prelude is open seven days a week from 8 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

I swung by on a Thursday with a copy of the latest New Yorker in hand, feeling fancy and hungry for pancakes. Weekdays are reasonably busy, but you can get in and out within an hour.

Be prepared to have a bit of a wait if you come on Sunday, but not one that’s any worse than most weekend brunch stops. Prelude serves a variety of alcoholic beverages including their Hibiscus Mimosa, Thai Chili Bloody Mary and Irish Coffee. If you’re not looking for a Sunday morning buzz, you can grab an orange juice, flavored sweet tea or even a cold coffee. If you’re a Diet Coke addict (like me), you just have to wait. No sodas here.

I’d recommend coming to Prelude with friends, at least if they’re inclined to share. I’ve nibbled on the Me Love Greens omelet on more than one occasion and highly recommend it. It’s hard to go wrong with any of their egg offerings like Loaded Hash, Mornin’ Skillet or the Farmhouse omelet. Of all the food I have had here, I’ve never been disappointed. But one particular dish rises above the rest and that’s the one I chose on my most recent trip – This is Sin pancakes.

If you order This is Sin, there’s a good chance you won’t be inclined to share with your friends, but in the spirit of brunch, you still should. Just give them a sliver. The serving size is generous so you won’t miss it. That much.

This is Sin is a pancake stack covered in cinnamon butter, caramel and bacon. You’ll probably need to head to confession after a plate of these. Even if you’re Protestant. As someone obsessed with cinnamon pancakes, I can tell you these are the best I’ve had. (So far. Hopefully, I’ve got some life left in me.) They have other flavors such as Apple Not Pie (apple compote, candied pecans, mascarpone, caramel) and Monkey Chip (chocolate chips, banana whipped cream) to check out.

Why not just get a Pancake Flight and choose three? It’s only $12. Then you’ll be more open to sharing. Maybe.

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