Wouldn’t it be great if we could afford all the filler, Botox and laser procedures we wanted to keep our skin healthy and youthful? Most of us are on budgets and can’t afford to spend an unlimited amount on our face. We can’t let our bills pile up to pay for our Botox.

The good news is that you can stay on budget and maintain healthy, youthful skin!  A common misconception is that non-surgical cosmetic treatments are expensive and that you can’t just do one thing – you have to do it all at once.  I have new patients come to me all the time saying that they spent all this money somewhere else on injections and skin care and haven’t seen improvement.  When I dig into what treatments they got and what skin care items they’re using, I can usually figure out why they aren’t seeing any results. Here’s what you can do to stay beautiful on a budget:

  1. Focus on what bothers you the most.  You don’t have to correct every area of your face.  Pick one area, and work on that first.  If your Botox budget is $200, you can’t fully correct your entire face.  Do crow’s feet drive you crazy? Fix those and leave your forehead alone! If you don’t like your thin lips, plump them up with filler and don’t worry about your smile lines.  If sun spots, acne scarring or uneven skin bother you, focus on laser resurfacing instead of injectables.
  2. Choose the right injector.  If you’re going to the right injector who can guide you on what will work best for you and your needs, it can be affordable and effective. You need to choose someone who is properly trained, who will be honest and who will give you realistic expectations.
  3. Set up a plan.  Everything doesn’t have to be done at once.  You can do a little at a time to correct and prevent!  Talk with your injector about what things bother you and the size of your budget, and she can help set up a plan that covers your major concerns and still stays within your limits.

No one should go into debt in order to improve their skin.  Instead, take a look at your budget and goals and talk with your doctor or nurse about a feasible and affordable anti-aging skin plan.