For this week’s stop on the Burger Bucket List, Heather Baker and KARK’s Hunter Hoagland checked out Little Rock’s The Croissanterie.



“This is where you’ll find me on Saturday morning,” Baker says of the eatery, perhaps most known for its breakfast fare. “But did you know they also have a burger that is also on a croissant?”


“Le burger” is what the dishes go by at the eatery. And each is as unique as it is delicious.



Baker starts things off with the one that fancied her eye first — a burger made with pimento cheese and a spread of jam.


“I am a happy girl,” she says.



Hoagland’s first bite is of one of their most popular burgers, which is made with fig jam and brie cheese.


“We’re just ‘jammin’ over here,” he jokes.



And if the “fancy” burger styles aren’t for you, The Croissanterie whips them up in more usual varieties as well, with the traditional fixings of cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and such. But all with the signature twist of a croissant bun.


But it wouldn’t be a visit to the spot without also getting some of their early-morning and sweet treats. So, of course, Baker and Hoagland also had to try out some pastries and other delectables.



Tune in next week to see where the duo is off to next on a brand new bucket list tour.


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