Mountain Bike Action magazine, a publication dedicated to all things mountain biking out of Valencia, California, has named Bentonville as one of the 10 best places to ride mountain bikes in North America for 2022. 


Northwest Arkansas has recently created spaces for biking enthusiasts to do what they love. For example: The Razorback Greenway Trail, which allows riders to travel from south Fayetteville through Bella Vista. 


Bentonville remains at the forefront of this with the addition of several mountain biking trails, such as Slaughter Pen Trail, Coler Mountain Bike Preserve, Razorback Ridge Area, Rocky Ridge Area and Crystal Bridges Greenway, among others. 


As Mountain Bike Action put it, “Bentonville has leaped into the national spotlight the past few years.”


“Thanks to the support of the mountain bikers in the Walton family, the town has been adding mountain bike trails at an amazing pace, building as many as two to three times a week,” the publication says. “Everyone we know who has gone and ridden there has come back raving about it.” 


British Columbia, Washington, Utah, Arizona, Colorado, Vermont and North Carolina also had trails listed in its “Top 10 Best Places to Ride Mountain Bikes in 2022.” 


Photo courtesy ADPHT. 



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