Outdoor adventure company 37 North Expeditions specializes in experiences that run the gamut from horseback trail riding to goat hiking to paddleboard and more. Michelle Bazis, marketing director, took AY About You through the unique experiences the company offers.


AY About You: What is 37 North Expeditions?


Michelle Bazis: 37 North was started in 2018 by Danny Collins, who has a background in adventure guiding through National Geographic. He initiated the company as a guide service creating elevated experiences.


AY: How does it work?


Bazis: In addition to doing weekend experiences that people can opt in either by themselves or with a group, they can also schedule private a private excursion for a curated experience. For example, we’ll create programming for a season and that could include horseback riding, goat hikes, kayaking excursions. Each event will have a limit on the number of people that we can accommodate.


AY: Why does this business fit so well in Bentonville?


Bazis: Aside from being one, if not the only exclusive adventure hospitality company in the Ozarks area, what you’re experiencing with 37 North is an elevated experience. You could hire a one-off guide through a lot of different services but what you’re getting with 37 North is more of a hospitality service. You’re also getting the reassurance of the certifications and the skills and knowledge of the guide.


AY:  Who is your typical guest?


Bazis: A lot of them are people wanting to try something for the first time. Even something as simple as hiking, something that doesn’t really require special equipment, can be really intimidating because people don’t know where to go. They might be concerned about the terrain or the wildlife. They might want to know a little bit more about the area.


People come to us because they want to experience something with that security of having a professional, someone that’s first-aid certified, knows where they’re going, knows what to do and can guide them on that experience.


We also get a lot of people who want to enjoy an experience but they don’t have the equipment or the ability to invest in the equipment or they don’t want to have to transport that equipment from place to place. We provide them with not only the guide, but with the gear they need to enjoy a new activity without having to spend a lot of money or figure out how to transport it.