Baptist Preparatory School | | 62 Pleasant Valley Dr., Little Rock
You want the world for your children. What if you could also equip them to change the world? It’s not a journey to embark upon lightly. It will take a commitment from all concerned — an investment of time and resources.
Your faithfulness, however, will be rewarded with equally committed professionals who will surround you and your child with devoted instruction and love. It’s a different way to educate. Call it, simply, The Baptist Prep Difference.
What is The Baptist Prep Difference? Take a tour of our school and you can experience it. Enroll, and your child can be it — a positive force that makes a difference for God’s kingdom while changing the world and its people for the better.
How does The Baptist Prep Difference apply to the way our school educates? Interestingly, the heart of the matter is a matter of the heart.
Everything at Baptist Prep is taught from a Christ-centered perspective, so our approach to education goes well beyond simply pouring in the required facts and figures. Christian education is concerned with deeply understanding God’s boundless creation.
It follows, too, that to transform His world, students must first gain the skills to expertly navigate the world. That means absorbing more than “head” knowledge. Developing problem-solving, analytical, global-awareness, personal accountability, empathy and other less tangible “human” skills takes training of the heart and soul, as well as the mind. After all, what good is high-level brain power without applying it for a higher purpose?
Baptist Prep was founded nearly 40 years ago by a small, dedicated circle of parents just like you. They were uncompromising in their quest for a thoroughly Christian education that also held to rigorous academic standards.
Baptist Prep is still driven by that same model. Parents are the backbone, lifeblood and framework upon which everything Baptist Prep rests. The customary nod to parent involvement barely scratches the surface of how you, as an enrolling family, will be immediately embraced and welcomed into a larger family — the Baptist Prep community.
This spirit of community can’t be contained by our school’s walls. Student and parent led initiatives reach out to local, national and international causes throughout each year. Our community helping other communities, from our backyard to around the globe, is just another facet of the The Baptist Prep Difference.
If you believe The Baptist Prep Difference fits your family’s philosophy of education, please contact us to schedule a visit and tour. You’ll see first-hand the community and culture that exists at Baptist Prep. We’d love to partner with you in the education of your child.