At AY Magazine, we cover a wide variety of important topics that impact that lives of people across the state of Arkansas, from food to arts to health to the outdoors and more. But one of the most critical topics we cover is mental health.


That’s why we dedicate a full magazine to the topic, the Arkansas Mental Health Guide, every year. This September, we will be continuing that tradition, highlighting the most pressing stories on mental health.


Our writers will discuss the tragedies of opioid addiction and suicide in Arkansas, as well as the oft-overlooked day-to-day mental health related to anxiety. We will also trace the connection between mental health and movement disorders, such as Parkinson’s, and discuss some unique new therapies being used to help those with afflictions. We will also investigate how Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) can be the root that stems many later-in-life issues related to mental health.


AY Magazine partners with leading hospitals and health providers to get an insider’s perspective on the cutting-edge issues in the mental health field. We partner with notable institutions including The Bridgeway, Pinnacle Pointe Hospital, Rivendell Behavioral Health Services, Springwood Behavioral Health and more.


This important work has not gone unnoticed by mental health industry leaders.  Bruce Trimble, director of business development at The Bridgeway Hospital, says that AY Magazine is a leader in covering mental health in Arkansas.


“One might see the logo on the cover of AY magazine and wonder, ‘What do those letters stand for?’ The Bridgeway has been a supporter of AY since 2008, and I can tell you that AY stands for mental health. From every county in the state of Arkansas, for every person regardless of age, race or faith, and they stand for you and me,” he says.


AY Magazine will continue to represent the state of Arkansas in its coverage of mental health. We are committed to compassionately telling mental health stories and removing the stigma of dealing with these difficult issues.


Those interested in advertising in Arkansas Mental Health Guide may contact AY Publisher Heather Baker at