Mental Health Guide is the Natural State’s premier magazine to mental health and wellness, with features and exclusive interviews on how to live a happier and healthier life. Complete with a resource directory and stories highlighting the mental health of Arkansans, Mental Health Guide is read by tens of thousands of readers hoping to live life to the fullest.
Mental Health Guide was recognized not only as the state’s best mental health publication but one of the south’s best publications in its field, through the reception of the immensely elite Society of Professional Journalists 2021 Diamond Journalism AwardMental Health Guide is a stand-alone resource that is distributed to schools, mental health facilities and therapists’ offices alike. This publication is used by physicians, counselors, and anyone hoping for more tips and insight on achieving peace of mind.
Bruce Trimble, the Director of Business Development at The BridgeWay, applauds Mental Health Guide as the greatest standalone mental health resource in the state of Arkansas.
Today, more than ever, Arkansans and Americans are eager for tips and insight on finding balance and serenity— AY Media Group’s Mental Health Guide is proven to be an excellent place to start.