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“Molly Maid has built a business on trust.”

Not all house cleaning services are the same. Some services have their drivers take personal vehicles; others may bring their children and some aren’t as trustworthy as we’d like to think. You are trusting your cleaning person or service with your most prized possession – your home. You have the right to know what their procedures are and the precautionary steps that they take to protect you, your belongings and home.

Do you know who is cleaning your home? Have you performed a background check?

When an independent worker is hired instead of a professional cleaning service, the homeowner may be responsible for payroll taxes, insurance, etc. Make sure your cleaning service is bonded and insured and has an Employer ID number.

“All of our home service professionals are employed by Molly Maid [and] arrive in uniform in company-owned and marked vehicles. They are not contractors and are fully trained, bonded, insured and equipped to clean your home. We perform a thorough background check and have the highest standards for our staff. We also report their wages to the IRS and pay payroll taxes.”

Are you providing workers’ compensation insurance for the person in your home? 

Your homeowner’s insurance may not cover work-related injuries. House cleaning is physically demanding work, and you need to be sure that you are properly covered by your insurance policy.

“If a Molly Maid employee is injured at your home, our workers’ compensation policy will protect you and your home from liability.”

If you experience breakage, theft or other loss, are you covered?

Many assume their property insurance will cover any claim or that their service provider has sufficient insurance. Be sure to get a written guarantee that your possessions are protected and know the limits on your service provider’s policy. Unfortunately, that’s often not the case and many losses may be at your personal expense if there is no coverage or the amount is outside of the limits.

“We are properly and sufficiently insured. If it’s determined that we caused damage, we will make every effort to replace or repair the item.”

Is the service you’re considering bonded in case something comes up missing?

Be sure to know the service provider’s policy. Two party bonding insurance only protects the employer. Third party insurance, also known as surety bonds, protects you, the homeowner, against employee dishonesty.

“We are properly bonded and insured to protect you and your most valued belongings.”

How many people have access to the keys to your home?

Always inquire as to how your home will be secured and your privacy respected. Many cleaning companies have no procedures in place to protect you. Be sure to ask who will have access to your home.

“Molly Maid has built a business on trust. All of our customers’ keys are assigned random codes that are not connected to customer names or addresses. If we lose a key, we will replace every lock opened by that key at no expense to our customer.”

What happens if you’re not happy with your cleaning service?

Just like any return policy at a store, be sure to know what happens if you are not happy with your service. It is important to know if they will respond to your needs and how they will remedy the situation.

“We are proud of our work but if we make a mistake, we will make it right. We have our 24-hour guarantee that we review with each customer every time they make a new appointment.”

What does your cleaning service do for your community?

While it’s certainly not a requirement, local communities invest a lot in small businesses, so it’s always an added benefit when those businesses give back. Check with your cleaning service on how it contributes to local causes.

“Molly Maid donates a portion of every cleaning to local domestic violence shelters through its charitable arm, the Ms. Molly Foundation. During the month of October, Domestic Violence Awareness month, we take it a step further and collect personal care items from our customers to deliver to a local shelter. In addition, we contribute silent auction items to a number of local charity events year-round.”
Molly Maid of Greater Little Rock
Molly Maid of Northwest Arkansas

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