Ask an Expert: Fresh Start Conway

SHERYL MULBERRY Owner, Fresh Start Conway

“As our needs change, so should our surroundings. If we don’t stop and readjust, we’ll end up in a constant state of disarray and inefficiency. Just as we change our clothes to suit our activity, so we should change our space to suit our life.”

If the current state of your home or office is making you feel overwhelmed, stressed, or frustrated, Fresh Start Conway can help transform your space and put you back in control. You can depend on Fresh Start Conway for excellence, honesty, and confidentiality in getting organized.

What do I do with all these papers?

Create a system. Have one specific place for your papers to go as soon as they enter your home. Once you’ve processed them, have a place for the papers you need to hang on to. Frustration comes when we don’t have a home for the items we want to keep.

The toys have taken over my house, where do I start?

Designate a place for all the toys to live when they aren’t being played with. Only keep the age-appropriate and most used ones that will fit in your space. You may also consider dividing them into large tubs then rotate a different tub into play every so often.

My closet is bursting at the seams, but I paid too much for these clothes to just give them away. What do you suggest?

There are many options for reselling your clothes through local and online consignment stores, and cash-for-clothes type retailers. It’s a matter of what you have time for. If donating your clothes seems your only option, focus on you. Your continued peace of mind is worth much more than your things.

I’m pretty organized except for one space which overwhelms me. What do I do?

Call for help and be intentional. Whether it’s memorabilia from a loved one or an out-of-control pantry, get help from a loving family member, friend, or an organizer. You will be more efficient as a team regardless of whether you work in small or large blocks of time.


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