Ask Dr. Blackjack: Free Seminar This Week


With casino gaming being one of the most attractive recreational activities in the United States and over 500 Casinos to choose from, we’ll help you enjoy your gaming experience in the Casinos when playing Blackjack, the most popular table game in history, by letting you ask Professional Player and author of Ask Dr. Blackjack, Sam Barrington, your puzzling question.

If you have a question about Blackjack, ask them in the comments section or Sam Barrington directly at We’ll share them with our readers!

Dr. Blackjack will be conducting a free blackjack seminar this week, Wednesday, Aug.1, at Bar Louie in west Little Rock.

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So, let’s get to the questions:

From Elizabeth in Benton:

“It seems like every time I have a count of “12” in my hand and take a card, I bust. What are the odds of that?”

Sam says: “For some reason that has always been a difficult call for most people. To start with, remember you only have a 28.50% chance of busting on that hand so you have a little wiggle room there. Here’s the correct play for that hand. If the Dealer is showing a “2” or a “7 – A”, you’ll want to take a card (“hit”). All other times just “stand”. I don’t mean stand up at the table, I mean just stick with the hand you have and pray. As they say in the gaming world, what’s the difference in praying in Church and praying at a Casino? In the Casino you really mean it.”


From Richard in Little Rock:

“I’m a novice at the game, but I would like to learn more about it. Does being closer to “21” help you win more hands?”

Sam Says: “Of course, if you have “21” every hand you’re certainly going to win more hands than you lose but that’s in a perfect world. Blackjack is not like Poker where you have to beat several other players. In Blackjack you have to beat just one other player, the Dealer. Being the closet to “21” doesn’t matter most of the time. If you have “22” and the Dealer has “12”, guess who won? The Dealer. You busted. Blackjack is a game of survival at the table. Sometimes you just want to sit in the saddle and let the Dealer get bucked off. There is no shame in winning with a “12”, “13” and so on. If I win while holding a “16” I almost feel guilty. But I still take the money.


From Amy in North Little Rock:

“I notice that most Blackjack tables have little circles outside the area where you wager. Are these some sort of side bets?”

Sam says: Yes, they are side bets. Very bad side bets for the player, very good side bets for the casino. These are nothing but sucker bets. Stay away from them. They are really exciting when you hit them and it adds excitement to the table but in the long run, you’re paying for everyone else’s excitement. Most of these are disguised as some sort of Poker hand. Why would you try to play two different games at one table? Probably next they’ll offer to sell you a lottery ticket with your winnings. Stick with one game at a time.








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