With casino gaming being one of the most attractive recreational activities in the United States and over 500 casinos to choose from, AY About You Magazine would like to help you enjoy your gaming experience in the casinos when playing blackjack, the most popular table game in history, by letting you ask professional player and author of “Ask Dr Blackjack”, Sam Barrington, your puzzling questions.


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So, let’s get to the questions.


From Paisley in Little Rock:

Question: “Do people really get barred from casinos for anything other than just fighting, being drunk or trying to cheat

Sam says: “Yes, you can be barred or banned for any reason a privately held casino seems to be to their advantage”.

I know because it happened to me. I was sitting at a table in Atlantic City one Sunday morning when the manager of the pit area came over and said she needed to talk to me during the shuffle.

My gut reaction was “Great, I’m going to get some really good perks”.

Not the case.

The manager came over to inform me I could only play $25 per hand, no more-no less, for the duration I was there and after that day I was in the dreaded book of cheats and couldn’t come back into the casino.

She informed me I had been identified as a “card counter” (which I am not) and that was against house rules.

I pleaded my case but it fell upon deaf ears and I was eventually banned from 46 casinos as word of mouth got around the gambling world.

With some help I eventually got back in all the casinos but my nice Player Cards had been downgraded to the point of no free food, no free lodging, no free shows, no invitations to parties and so on.



From: Libby in Taos, NM

Question: “A friend of mine told me I should always take “even money” on my blackjack because it’s the only sure win”?

Sam says: “That statement is partially true. It is the only sure win unless the dealer has a blackjack, also. Then you get a “push.” If the dealer is showing an “Ace” as the “up card” then you don’t have a choice, it’s a “push”.

On “even money” you get paid exactly that, “even money”. If you ride it out you get paid 3 to 2. If you ride it out and collect the 3 to 2 money you will end up 3.89 percent better off in the long run. And besides that, it’s more fun to cash in on a blackjack hand.


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