Making the decision to admit yourself or a loved one into a nursing home can be one of the hardest decisions in the entire world. But the experts at Robinson Nursing & Rehabilitation are here to help with a guiding hand and answer some of the most common questions to apprehensions that family members have.


How do I pick the right nursing home that is best for myself or my loved one?


The first thing to do is narrow down your nursing home choices and then visit those homes and meet the administrator, the director of nursing and get a feel from other staff members. Ask for a tour so that you can go visit the care halls where you can meet the CNAs, for they’re actually the caregivers who are going to be taking most of the care for your loved ones. You’ll be seeing them a lot more than you will other staff members.


It’s really important that you get a good feeling, that you feel comfortable, because once placement happens, then communication is going to become key, and you want to feel that you’re able to visit and talk to the staff and communicate effectively to deal with any concerns or issues.


What can I expect from placing a loved one in a nursing facility?


The best model of care for a loved one is keeping them at home where you’re closer to a one-on-one type of care model. But, when it becomes too much, and families just aren’t able to attend to the loved one’s needs anymore that’s when placement in a nursing facility becomes a potential. Always have realistic expectations when putting a loved one in a nursing home. If a family had difficulty dealing with somebody one-on-one, nursing homes are not one-on-one, and those same issues might recur. If the person falls at home, there is a really good chance they’re going to fall in the facility.


Ensure that you have good communication with administration, with nursing, also with those CNAs, because they’re going to be the ones who are going to be hands-on. Be patient and realistic and help us help you and your loved one.


What are some success stories that come from nursing home placement?


We’re fortunate to have a very good therapy group, and we’re able to take a lot of people, get them on a therapy plan, and then send them back home to live the rest of their lives. That’s our target. That’s what we’re trying to do.


From a socialization standpoint, we can take people whose spouse may have passed, or who are just alone in their homes. In such situations, depression can set in and also get people down physically. But when they come into a nursing home, they’re around other people and their socialization can pick up. So, we’ve seen a lot of people who have come into nursing homes over the years who get to be around the staff and make relationships with them, and their morale immediately picks back up.


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