What are some of the main services that you provide? 

We offer a variety of options to update your kitchen space. For stained wood cabinets that need refreshing, we provide our original one-day Tune-Up service. To update the look of existing cabinets, our redooring and refacing options are endless. And, if your kitchen needs an entirely new layout or updates, we offer custom and semi-custom cabinets.


As it relates to cabinetry, what are the most popular designs you typically work with? 

Whites and grays continue to be popular finish options with our clients. Simple lines found with shaker style doors are predominately selected. We are seeing more homeowners mixing in bolder options of blues and navy on base cabinets and islands. 


What are some easy ways I can improve my kitchen on a budget?

Replacing the doors and drawer fronts will give existing cabinets the most bang for the investment.  Along with that would be updated concealed hinges. At a minimum, new hardware can add a fresh look.  There are also really good retrofitting organizational options available to help with the overall storage and functional aspects of your kitchen.  


What are some of the most common mistakes people make when revamping/renovating their kitchen?

Not hiring a professional that communicates well and that can assist them with the steps involved when updating a kitchen. We offer a guidebook for remodeling your kitchen as well as in-home and showroom consultations. For almost anything that falls outside our area of expertise, we have relationships with other professionals in the trade to whom we can refer. Be it large or small, working with a reputable professional is the key to a successful project.  


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