Am I covered by a warranty if I use Energy Air? 

Although warranties may vary on each product, Energy Air continues to focus and provide only the best in workmanship and manufacturer warranties around, such as lifetime and 20-year warranties. Our primary product line of the Amana and Daikin systems are supported by a multitude of superior indoor comfort systems with outstanding warranties.  


Given your connection to KellCo Custom Homes, do you only provide residential service? 

Energy Air provides both commercial and residential services. Our services include new construction, new installation of existing systems, duct install and repairs, and refrigeration, such as commercial units. 


I don’t need a new system but I would like to find some ways to save money. How can you help? 

There is never a better time than now to save money on your heating and air system. Energy Air provides a preventative maintenance program to help each customer with saving money and making sure their system is running at peak performance which helps in optimal energy efficiency savings. 


Why Energy Air? 

Since 1992, Energy Air has maintained its primary focus on its customers’ needs, continuing education of the heating air advancements within the industry, and providing only the best in energy-efficient, high-quality HVAC equipment which is backed by exceptional warranties and customer service. Energy Air knows the importance of not only maintaining your system’s overall health maintenance but the knowledge of proper installation and repairs to each system. Having a licensed, educated and certified HVAC contractor is extremely important and is dependent for the system’s performance.   


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