Ask An Expert: DDS Dentures+Implant Solutions


What dental services does your clinic provide?
Our clinic provides a variety of services, such as extractions, implants, single tooth extractions, full mouth extractions, overdentures, fixed prostheses, along with all forms of general dentistry.


I am interested in getting an implant-supported denture; what is the difference between a fixed denture and an overdenture (or snap-in denture)?
An overdenture is both removable and rests on your tissue. It is an implant-retained prosthesis. A fixed prosthesis is implant-supported and does not come out without dentist removal.


Is there really that big of a difference between a traditional denture and an implant-retained denture?
There is an extreme difference between the two. An implant-retained denture maintains the position of the denture through all ranges of speaking and chewing. However, the most impressive change is the increased bite force. A patient can increase the bite force of chewing up to four to five times.


What is the process of getting an implant retained denture?
A patient will go through the process of scheduling a consultation where they will get a panoramic x-ray, CT, and comprehensive examination with our dentist, Dr. Haynie, to determine the treatment plan. Either I, or one of our treatment coordinators will go over the treatment plan with the patient, review our financing options, and will coordinate with their insurance benefits to determine the best course of action for the patient’s dental needs and their budget and desired outcome. Impressions will also be taken prior to scheduling the procedure. On the day of the procedure, the patient will get extractions (if needed), bone grafting (if needed), implants will be placed, and they will leave with a denture to wear as a traditional denture while the implants integrate with the bone. Once the implants have integrated, our dentist will place the abutments and then shortly after we are able to convert the denture and “snap-in” the implant retained denture. The patient will see our hygienist regularly for implant cleanings and have their denture professionally cleaned.


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