Why choose Conway Regional for Bariatric Surgery needs? 


Conway Regional pioneered central Arkansas’ first-ever da Vinci bariatric program for those seeking a weight loss alternative or those with issues like diabetes or high blood pressure. Gastric sleeve surgery can be a safe, long-term solution.


The gastric sleeve procedure is a safe and effective way to shrink the size of the stomach, reduce appetite and help eligible patients lose weight. Additionally, the gastric sleeve surgery experience at Conway Regional is the only one of its kind in the north metro. From your first consultation to post-surgery, our team is with you every step of the way.


What are the latest trends in bariatric surgery? 


We have been the only program in Arkansas performing robotic bariatric surgery for the last two years. Robotic surgery provides better visibility and greater dexterity for the surgeons. This leads to less incision pain and improved recovery for our patients compared to standard laparoscopic or open surgery methods.


What does bariatric surgery assist in? Who makes for a good candidate?


Bariatric surgery assists with weight loss for patients who are considered overweight and suffer from obesity-related medical issues. Ideal candidates for this type of surgery are patients with a body mass index of 40 or greater and those patients with a BMI of greater than 35 who have medical problems such as sleep apnea, diabetes and other issues.


How should one interested in this procedure go about seeking out this treatment? 


Prospective patients can call Conway Regional Surgical Associates at (501)327-4828 or fill out an interest form on our website. Our bariatric coordinator will help guide them through the consultation and scheduling process.


Can patients schedule an appointment directly, or is a referral required? 


Any patient can schedule an appointment directly, and referrals are certainly welcome. For more information about bariatric surgery at Conway Regional, visit our website, conwayregional.org/bariatric.


What is your most-asked question, and how do you answer it?


How much weight can I expect to lose? The answer is 60 percent to 70 percent of excess body weight. Individuals still must exercise and eat healthy to be successful with their weight loss goals.