If you’ve been following NBC’s “The Voice,” this season, then you are probably aware that one of Arkansas’ own, Andrew Igbokidi from Hot Springs, has been singing along this entire season. 


As he’s been embarking on his musical journey on the 22nd season of the competitive singing show, he has also been enrolled as a medical student at The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences and has maintained focus on reaching his goals. 


Igbokidi will participate in “The Voice’s” knockouts Monday night, as the path continues for the singer throughout the season. As an Arkansas native who has had a ton of support from Arkansans, Igbokidi is feeling confident in his abilities. 


Here are a few of viewer’s most-asked questions, answered: 


  • What has this experience of being on “The Voice” been like for you, so far?
    •  “It’s been amazing, it started off very fast and I didn’t expect it to go like this, but it’s been amazing.” 
  • What has been the best thing you’ve learned from Camila Cabello this season?
    • “I feel like I’ve really grown into my ability to put certain things aside in terms of nerves, etc. Camila has shown me how to be confident in my voice.” 
  • What would you consider your sound to be? 
    • “I think my voice and my artistry comes from the influence of a lot of different artists I grew up listening to. A lot of people can see different artists in my voice and I like that.” 
  • What genre of music did you grow up listening to? 
    • “I grew up listening to a lot of alternative pop and R&B. I have a very eclectic taste in music and I always have. My parents do, too.” 
  • When did you first start singing?
    • “I think I started singing around four or five. One of my earliest memories is writing and performing songs with my sister. I was doing musicals and such in fourth and fifth grade.” 
  • What’s one thing you want our readers to know? 
    • “I want your readers to know that I’m extremely grateful for everything that’s happening. So much has been accomplished in the last year, and I’ve realized how blessed I am to have all of these opportunities.” 
  • What are your most-listened to artists right now?
    • “Frank Ocean and Omar Apollo. Frank Ocean is one of my favorite artists of all time.” 
  • What is your favorite Frank Ocean song? 
    • “It would probably be ‘Pyramids,’ it’s a masterpiece honestly. I also really like ‘Pink Matter,’ it’s one of my favorite songs that Frank Ocean has ever written.” 


Photo Credit: Andrew Igbokidi’s Instagram


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