After a two-year hiatus, Arkansas Money & Politics, the state’s premier publication for influential decision makers, will return to print. The first new edition of AMP will be published in June of 2018.
Arkansas Money & Politics will return to print inside of sister publication AY Magazine. Both are a product of Vowell, Inc., the state’s leading niche publishing company. The publication will be featured monthly, rather than bi-monthly, as it had been from 2014 to 2016.
Arkansas Money & Politics provides relevant information and critical insight,” said Vowell, Inc. CEO Vicki Vowell. “Our goal is to help cultivate business and to assist owners as they navigate the complex political scene and work to understand the dynamic issues of our state.
“As business owners ourselves, we believe in the free enterprise system and advocate pro-business policies,” she added.
According to Vowell, AMP is dedicated to providing the tools necessary to succeed at business with trusted information, uncompromising platforms and in-depth analysis. AMP also provides thoughtful looks inside important political issues facing the state and key figures who have helped shape them.
“We have a unique opportunity to provide the people of Arkansas with a peek behind the curtain of our state’s business and political stage,” said Caleb Talley, managing editor of Arkansas Money & Politics. “We’re not breaking news. Rather than tell you what happened, we’re going to tell you why it happened and how it affects you.”
Since 2016, Arkansas Money & Politics has maintained an online presence at In print, AMP will continue to highlight key figures in Arkansas business, budding industries, innovating startups, compelling power couples and influential political figures.
The first new edition of Arkansas Money & Politics will be found inside the June issue of AY Magazine.