July’s Argenta Art Walk is one you won’t want to miss. Lucky for you, we’ve got an insider’s look at all the stops. Meet the artists, shop-owners, and organizers, and we’ll see you tomorrow.

Pro tip: There is no wrong way to do the Art Walk. Start in the beginning, middle, or end of Main Street and don’t forget to check out the stops off the beaten path.

Mugs Café is host to a new exhibit – “Morning Stroll Surprises.” Robert Bean is currently curating the space, and invited artist Carey Roberson to share his images.
Roberson says, “These images actually came about by accident. I have been working primarily as a mixed media photo artist for a long time now, and these works weren’t really part of any body of work I was working on. [They] started when I was just out walking for some much, much needed exercise, and I just started taking pictures with my iPhone along the way. At first they started out looking at more large landscape type scenes, but then I noticed the images I was really drawn too and editing were the quiet things (tar stains, discarded mattresses, utility markers spray painted on the road,…). The things that would not normally get noticed but became interesting through framing in the camera. I then just started posting them on Instagram and then they just sort kept happening.”
Roberson will be at Mugs for the opening reception so you can view his work and chat with him. The exhibit will be up through Mid-September.

A few spaces down at Core Public House, catch “The Aquatic Life.” Will Hogg, the man behind the Latino Art Project, invited a number of artists to show work centering on a theme – in this case, water. He says, “The whole idea behind the Latino Art Project is to give up and coming artists who are trying to find their way a chance to show their work.” And while Hogg wants to highlight Latino artists specifically, he’s open to letting all artists participate. The show will be up until Sept. 15

Argenta Gallery plays host to “Collaboration of Color” exhibit, also put on by The Latino Art Project. While the opening reception was this past Wednesday, the gallery will be open and the work will be on view. Hogg says, “The show focuses on artists of all background. I think we had great success with the opening night, and can’t wait to see how more people like the exhibit.”

Get your SWAG on. If you start to feel peckish, make your way to 606 North Olive Street, a stone’s throw away from Main. Southern Women Artisans Guild (SWAG) is making a weekend of it. Owner BJ Arnold says, “We have several big events going on including Art Walk on Friday, and a concert featuring The Red Wine Effect, all the way from Nashville, [on Saturday]! There will be food trucks both nights, so get out of that hot kitchen and have dinner with us, as well. Can’t wait to see you there!”

If you haven’t gotten a chance to check out the Delta des Refuses Exhibition, don’t fear. The Thea Foundation will be open late tomorrow night giving you a chance to see it before it closes on the 17th. Trust us, you don’t want to miss this.

If at that point, you need a beer, don’t forget Flyway Brewing. Owner Jess McMullen, says, “Flyway has 11 cold beers on tap and a food menu that includes quick and easy bites. We have a couple of new pieces of bird art in our tasting room that are spectacular.”

If, in fact, you need even more beer, slide over to Diamond Bear. They’re now offering free tours on Friday which coincides with Art Night. The tours start at 5 p.m.

The Laman Library hosts a new show – “30 Stories: An Exhibition by David Rackley.” Rackley, a Russelville based photographer’s style centers on hand-painting black and white photographs.
He says in his artist statement, “Everyone has a narrative, a story. Sometimes this story can be read in their eyes, their arms, their environment, or even in their nude form. This series of images, produced over a period of several years, is an attempt to present that elusive narrative.
At times, this narrative is captured in candid, almost photojournalistic, depictions and, at other times, in a deliberate arrangement designed to convey a specific mood and sense of story. In my stories, much is left to the imagination. I offer images that are open to interpretation, that invite the observer to engage in crafting meaning.
All of my work is created with a film camera in black and white. After darkroom processing, the black and white print is painted with oils and pencils in a way that can never be perfectly replicated, thus each piece is a unique, archival work of art.”
The exhibit will be up until Aug. 13.

Greg Thompson Fine Art will host artist Glennray Tutor in his first one-man show in eight years. He’ll be at the show tomorrow night, so don’t miss it.

You can shop and down a few margs with a side of nachos at MADDOX. Owner Heather Baber says, “We love to make it a party, since entertaining is a big part of MADDOX. I love seeing shoppers hanging out with their friends and meeting new people while visiting at the margarita table in the “Man Cave.” It’s my favorite night of the month for the shop.”

In need of a laugh? Catch “Verses & Jokes” at the House of Art. There will be comedy, spoken word, and music on Friday. Founder Chris James says, “Third Fridays in Argenta are always fun to attend. The House of Art is a breath of fresh air with its orange walls and New Orleans vibe.”

(Top photo courtesy of North Little Rock Convention and Visitor’s Bureau)