Another Go At Things For 2017


How is it that each year goes by exponentially faster?

Well, for one thing, our always busy and never ending schedules. World crisis. Life events. Add to that the comings and goings of things good and things bad, losses and gains. 2016 seemed to bear all the scrutiny and bad jokes and blame for things that did not go as people planned. But is that not the pitiful case every year? Welcome to the rarely satisfied race of humans.

So, on a more positive note-what were your favorite moments from 2016?

Was it friends, family, or the stranger that showed up when you least expected it, and somehow when  you most needed it? If it wasn’t the realization that one of your 2016 resolutions was almost an immediate bust, was it a book that up0n closing became bittersweet, because it was so amazing-and suddenly it was over? If it wasn’t the election, was it the affirmation that humor amidst conflict and turmoil is a dainty silver lining-and thank goodness for it?

Tending to your garden while trying to shed some sun on the gardens of others is easier said than done. However things tend to pan out, we’re all in it together.

A new year brings born-again hope, renewal, another ‘go’ at things, and if we allow it-continued growth.

So, for 2017, don’t be too hard yourself; allow grace to take a front seat, and let’s all have a ‘nother good trip around the sun, taking comfort in knowing we are here for each other.

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