Allies of Mental Health: Youth Home

Arkansas’ deaf community in Arkansas is one of the most underserved and overlooked demographics in the mental health field. This unfortunate reality is one that Kerry Ingram, LPC-S, knows all too well, working with hearing-challenged individuals at Youth Home. 


And Ingram hasn’t just worked for these people on a clinical level. In 2019, he wrote the legislative bill HB1471, which would become Act 644, establishing unprecedented standards of care for the deaf community. The bill went down in history as the first rights bill in the country to pass through legislation without the threat of a lawsuit. 


But Ingram is well aware that plenty of work remains undone. 


“If we can expand our efforts in educating and community involvement, it would certainly help,” Ingram says, referring to the state’s higher-than-average mental health afflictions. “We have to work through our community if we want to accomplish anything.”


“I grew up in several broken homes, but I was blessed to have at least one person in my life at all times who really supported and advocated for me,” Ingram goes on to say. “I want to be that ‘one’ person for someone else.” | 501-954-7470



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