With the right know-how, almost anything can be painted or made to look like something it’s not, says Tracy Rivers, founder and owner of AF Decorative, Arkansas’ largest and most experienced specialty paint studio. From garage door and cabinet makeovers to original canvases, if it can be painted, it can be exactly how the customer wants.
Rivers has more than 20 years of experience and produces most of the state’s faux finish and decorative artwork, including murals, stencils, custom art, glazing faux wood, artisan plaster, Venetian restoration, furniture painting, epoxy floors and signage, for homes, businesses, restaurants and more.
“I am educated in interior design and have had many years of experience honing my skills,” Rivers says. “I’m constantly studying and keeping my eye out for current trends. We always take the extra step to make sure our work is beautiful.”
She says she was made for her role. The “natural” artist grew up reading interior design magazines for fun and has always been drawn to painting and crafting. She got her professional start as an intern for an intern for some of Little Rock’s most celebrated designers. I also worked for furniture and interior design companies in Little Rock, Dallas, and Washington DC.Her first faux finish experience was with Cobblestone and Vine in 2001.
“It’s all in the details,” she says. “Faux finish and art are the finale to all décor. It adds a personality you cannot get from regular paint alone. Our goal is to give our talent to create beautiful decor.”
She is pleased to have been able to work with some of Arkansas’ finest designers, builders and architects and provide jobs for artisans in the Natural State for more than two decades.
“I love that I’m able to work in beautiful homes such as properties on Edgehill, the Heights and West Little Rock and restaurants such as Caper’s, Copper Grill, Fassler Hall and Cajuns. We are working all over the U.S. – from Stuttgart to Naples – andwe’re currently working in Texas and Florida!”
For more information or to set up a consultation with AF Decorative to see how they might serve your needs, log on to afdecorative.com, check their social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram, or call (501) 960-4826.